Welcome to our revised website!


e are so happy about our new site and hope you enjoy it too. We feature a new shopping cart which hopefully will solve the issues we have had in the past. The site is also compatible in viewing on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. (Many thanks to my husband, David, and Steve Fryer – our genius behind the scenes – hey, I like to give credit where credit is due) 

We will be attempting to post articles more regularly on various topics from Christ in us to how God put us together to understanding frequency to the healing art of therapeutic oils to quantum physics and my favorite topic, the blood of Jesus Christ !!!! 

We are limiting travel this year to be able to do more writing and be involved in our home church, Church of Glad Tidings/Embassy of Heaven, here in Yuba City with Dave & Cheryl Bryan and all of our marvelous comrades. We have a lot going on here at the church such as our AHOP prayer/worship team, our Feather River Men’s Center for rebuilding lives that the enemy has tried to destroy, our fantastic drama department, our community garden, etc…all of which trumpet the message of the abundant love and grace of our heavenly Father. David and I moved here with our oldest son, Michael, 2 years ago as God was restoring our marriage. Longggggggg & amazing story of having been married 28 years, divorced 10 and then miraculously brought back together by a divine intervention of a series of events of God’s grace restoring our relationship. The process is still on going, but God got us reunited, remarried, relocated and on the path of restoration as of 2 years ago. We were remarried in 10-5 of 2012 with grace abounding. Our younger son, Jason, still lives in Kansas City and is pursuing the business God has opened up to him. Restoration abounds as our adult son, Michael, was saved, baptized and filled with the Spirit last October (seems to be our month for restoration?) and is now the poster child for pursuing God! Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…and fragrance. 
The calendar will help you to know where we will be and who we will be with in the weekends that the Lord leads us to participate in. As we said, we are limiting that activity this year so as to follow the Lord’s direction for us here at home. 

The music is still available for download or physical CD. We are presently working on the next recording (I know, you have heard that from me for the last few years, but we really are!) Teaching CDs will increase in their availability as per the requests received. We have been on quite a journey with the Lord in understanding the way He has created us and this realm He has put us in, both physical and spiritual. We will be sharing thoughts on all of that in the format of those articles and teaching CDs. 
Soooooo…here we go! It’s a new season of restoration! As the chaos of this world increases, the light and love and mind of Christ abounds within us and overtakes as we pursue the fullness of His glory within and all around us. O, how we love Him!!
…he says, ‘You shall see for yourself that all manner of things shall be well’, as if he said, ‘Pay attention to this now, faithfully and confidently, and at the end of time you will truly see it in the fullness of joy.” ― Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love

grace grace,