Welcome to my website!


‘m so happy you’ve chosen to visit me here! I am loving God and loving life as the unfolding opens up before me. I’m excited about what is ahead and would love you to join me in the journey :)

We have a few options for you to choose from. I have CDs available of my original music as well as what we call live spontaneous worship in which we sing and play in a live flow what we are hearing to sing as it is coming to us. You may click ‘store’ to browse and listen to what is available, either by ordering physical CDs and/or downloading the music.

You will also be able to access a book called Healing Oils of the Bible, written by Dr David Stewart, a specialist in the field of aromatherapy. A synopsis will be available thru clicking on ‘store’. On the book page you will also be able to access my Young Living Essential Oils webpage — FULL of wonders for you to explore!

Pondering page will bring you to articles or blurbs I have written on various topics through the years. There is a lot more coming to that particular page as the articulation flows with the ebb and flow of inspiration :)

Events is self explanatory and will keep you abreast of where I will be and what I will be doing.

Thanks for visiting my site and be blessed as you explore all that is available. All questions can be submitted through ‘contact’ or you can message me on Facebook at JoAnn McFatter. Due to my schedule, sometimes it is a few days before I see those messages….just so you know :)

grace grace,