Thieves oil

od has taken me on quite a journey over the last 15 years, a path I would have never guessed I would travel. I was planted in the first chapter of Genesis for quite some time with the question running through me…”God, what was in your heart in the very beginning when you created man, for us to walk with you in a healthy and whole way?” I even made a cd out of that question called, In The Beginning back in 1997. One of the things He began to show me was that He created the physical realm with all of its laws, principles & properties and the spiritual realm with all its laws, principles & properties to uphold and interface with each other. He then created us as a being to be able to interface with both realms, I believe, at all times. I heard the phrase ‘trapped light’ from Him when referring to our present condition. It intrigued me… so I started studying light, which lead me into Quantum Physics…OH NO!!! Science??? I’d hated it in school – ha!

I love the scripture, ‘It is the glory of God to hide a matter, the glory of a king to search the matter out’. That is the path I’ve been on ever since. One place it has led me to is the world of therapeutic essential oils as a natural proponent of healing, one that God put in the earth to help heal us. To make a very long story not short really, but shortER, I tried several kinds of oils but didn’t like the smell and kind of gave up on it, frustrated. I later realized it was the additives that I didn’t like because when I found PURE therapeutic oils from plants that had been grown in ground without pesticides, harvested correctly at the right time of day, and diffused properly so as to draw the most therapeutic chemical constituents out of the plants as possible, I LOVED the smell! AND the effect on my body and mind. I have been using Young Living oils for five years now and the daily usage has shifted things in my body. I will be posting some articles to help people understand just how this works and how to use the oils. It’s just fascinating. Sometimes I just burst out laughing at how God has created us.

Thieves oil

I got the book, Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr David Stewart and learned WHY God told them to burn Frankincense and WHY He told them to use different combinations of oils. He knew the benefits of all of the herbs and oils – OF COURSE, He created them with all of their chemical properties that He knew would benefit both the plant and us. The more I research, the more fascinated I become with the intricacies of God’s creation in nature as well as the human being – body, soul and spirit!

One of the biggest changes is that I no longer have allergies, which is HUGE in my world! I was sooooo allergic to cats and dogs and tested out allergic to every tree and plant they test for ! With the use of Thieves oil and Peppermint oil, my chemistry has been shifted and I no longer have that problem. And believe me, it was a huge problem for me as I traveled around the world! I used to get colds and bugs a lot from all the travel and I am happy to say I have not had one in two years because of using these oils to nip it in the bud if it tries to come on me. Thank you God!!! That has really changed my life as a singer/speaker who can’t afford to have things go awry with my throat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sacred Frankincense! The smell alone is amazing. My husband has been putting it on precancerous cells he had on the sides of his eyes and has watched them turn brown, dry up and fall off. He used to have to go to the doctor to get them frozen off every so often, but not anymore :) He put it all over his face every day and it caused some pre-precancerous cells come to the surface of his face and do the same. He later found out that his aunt and his uncle both had cancer on their faces in the same spots they surfaced so seemed like a genetic predisposition to cancer at those spots was exposed and taken care of. We were amazed!!!

I want to also mention, the way Gary Young has chosen to set up the company is to benefit the individual using the oils, rather than selling wholesale to retail businesses and then us having to buy them retail. It is a multi-level marketing company — and yes, I rolled my eyes and actually almost didn’t use the oils because of it, myself! I’m thankful for the prompting of Holy Spirit to lay my preconceived ideas aside and just use the oils for a while to see what would happen. As I began to benefit and share with others and watch them benefit, I became convinced that this was indeed the leading of God for me. I share this with you because I don’t want you to let the MLM factor put you off. Seriously, the oils work and the business side of it has become a huge blessing to many! The company’s devotion to the purity of the oils is quite impressive as is their business plan to benefit those who are interested in building a business with the oils. You don’t have to do the business end at all and can just use the oils. There is no pressure and it is totally up to you. Just using them is benefit enough for you and your family. Children respond very well to the oils because they don’t have any preconceived ideas of them not being able to help, they just receive the benefit. I have friends whose children are very healthy no matter what is running through the school because they put Thieves on them every night and every morning before sending them off to school. If a child is having trouble settling down at night Peace & Calming is a great blend to calm them right down. Lavender works as well.

Thieves oil

When I first began using them I had no intention of doing the business end, but as people were responding to the oils and wanting to buy wholesale themselves I signed them up to be able to do that and found myself getting commission checks. Funny thing is that I had been praying to God for a ‘tent making’ business to free me up more to plug into my local setting in worship and prayer. I was asking for one that would enable me to help single moms, as I had watched the financial struggles of my sister bringing up 4 boys on her own. I was able to help them at times, but how many don’t have anyone helping them? It never dawned on me that THIS was THAT! Ha! Finally, I realized that God was using this to both bring healing and allow me to grow a business. I HAVE been able to help some single moms as well as others who needed an income build a business as they shared the oils with friends and family. In this economy, that is a wonderful thing and I thank God for it! At the time I was like, “Seriously, God ? An MLM ?” Ha! But now I am grateful to God for bringing the oils into my life for healing, as well as the business, tho as I stated, there is no pressure to develop a business. Some people just want to use the oils.

I lived elsewhere when I started but after 4 years I am now able to come off the road by the end of this year and plug into my church here in Yuba City, CA with my husband, David and my son, Michael. My son, Jason is still living in Kansas City…for now :) I will go out a bit but after 20 years of the road I am glad to plug in here and help raise prophetic psalmists and send THEM out!

“Is anyone sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” James 5:14

There are keys God has given us to wholeness. I have found the essential oils, along with the prayer of faith James 5 talks of, to be one of those keys. I haven’t used anything but oils in the last couple of years and I am feeling better than I have in years! I continually thank God for taking me down this path.

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